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Week 34


This is my last Friday EVER being a Rocky Hill ram! I am really going to miss this place. I have had so many fun memories here: like when I broke my toe playing capture the flag, when I screamed because some one in a halloween costume, when I was in math class and I thought my chair was behind me but it really wasn’t, when I sang the climb with Mr.Haney, and many other fun things that I have done this year. Also, we just finished the movies we made with our groups. Oh yeah! We raised $1,035.14 for KARM! We got sold out on the 3rd day! Our goal was $200 but we quadrupled our goal! On the last day of school, you will see me crying my little eyeballs out. This was the best 6 years ever. I am really going to miss this place. Thank you Rocky Hill for being my home. My family.

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Week 33


Wow! It is already week 33! It has gone by soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast. This weekend is going to so tiring and hard. I have a big dance performance at the Tennessee theater! Most people think that ballet is just spinning around with your hands on your head. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! if you walked into my dance class, you would be sweating the first 5 minutes of it. No joke. So tonight, i have to leave for the theater at 4:00 and it ends at 11:00! That’s why I said it would be very tiring! Today is the dress rehearsal. Tomorrow is the big performance! The dancers (me) have to get there at 3:30-12:00am! So that sums up my weekend! Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend!

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Week 32


This week felt very slow and tiring because we had TCAPS! On Monday we got to school early in the morning and we had to start  TCAPS at 8:00. Reading and Language Arts was the longest test. it was 1 hour and 8 minutes. The res of them were really short. On Tuesday we had Math. it was really short. It was only 38 minuets! For part one and part 2. I thought it was pretty easy. On Wednesday we had Science. That is one of my best subjects. I thought it wasn’t that hard.  Thursday was our last day. We had Social Studies. It was ok. S.S. isn’t one of my best subjects. I felt ok about it. Today we are celebrating our hard work. We got to wear our p.j.’s and bring our electronics. SO thats pretty much what we did this week. Thanks for reading! 

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Week 30


Like every week this week has flown by! I can’t believe it is already week 30! We didn’t have so much to do this week. It it was mostly TCAP prep which was boring! But it is for %15-%20 percent of our grade. My goal is to get higher than my 4th grade score. It was not very good. We also planted our garden on Tuesday. Oh and one more thing. It was my Birthday on Wednesday! I got lots of money, monogram shirts, pearl earrings, and lots of other stuff that I can’t remember. It is going to be a short blog today, so thanks for reading!

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Week 30


This week has been really short. The reason why I am blogging today is because we have Friday off. Mainly because it is Good Friday! We also have Monday off, so we have a 4 day weekend! Easter is coming up and I am really excited. I just love Easter because spring has sprung and everything is green! I am leaving to go to Atlanta, Georgia to go see the musical, “The Lion King.” Also this week we did lots of (boring) TCAP prep. Which means that we are practicing or preparing for our big standardized test that counts for half of our grade. Another thing that is very exciting is MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! I will officially be 11! Remember when I told you that I got glasses? Well, today I am getting checked out to go and get contacts! So now I don’t have to worry about cleaning my glasses or making them perfect! Most people who had glasses and then got contacts said it was sort of hard to get used to. Have a great 4 day weekend! Thanks for reading!

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My Research Paper


How Do Mountains and Oceans Affect Our Climate?

By: Mary Kate Holladay


Everywhere you go there will be a different climate. If you lived in Montana, (where it is really cold) then you move to Florida, (where it is really hot) you would have a big climate change. Since Florida is near the ocean, it would be really warm. Since Montana has Mountains, that will make it a little bit colder. The forcing of the air to rise causes it to get really cold and condense , which forms clouds and then the clouds make precipitation, which means rain. See? Mountains and oceans DO affect our climate. So, In this this research paper I will tell you how they both affect climate.



Mountains affect our climate in different ways. They have more of a cold climate. When you go hiking you would probably want to bring a jacket because you will freeze! Usually you would see snow up on a mountains because the higher it is the colder it will be. Have you seen pictures of Mount. Everest? You probably know that people have tried to climb it, but failed because it is to cold! It takes a few weeks to climb it. There are so many tiny mountains in the one big mountain. The reason why it is so cold is because it is so high up.It is 29,029 feet! When there is a mountain the water must move through and over it. As the water moves up it gets cold and starts to precipitate. The reason there is fog around the middle of a mountain is because of the temperature. By the time the clouds get to the top, the water has poured out. Also, when the water gets to hot, it starts to evaporate. The higher you go in the atmosphere, the colder you will get. The water that evaporates rises and moves up and starts to cool. The colder the water gets, the heavier it gets. It starts to condense into a cloud. So, mountains have a big roll in the climate change.



Oceans also affect our climate just like mountains do. They are somewhat different, but also alike. Oceans affect the temperature of a place. They keep the climate around the same degree through the year. Oceans absorb and distribute solar energy all around the world. They move warm and cold energy throughout centuries. Areas that are close to oceans don’t get much water because wind blows to the west. There is also something called the land breeze which means it is made by hot air rising. There is also something called a sea breeze. The hot air above the ocean moves up and the cold air moves to space. They are nit that hard to under stand. Areas hundreds of miles away form and coastlines are still largely influenced by the world wide ocean system. So, that is all you need to know about how oceans and mountains affect our climate and our climate change.

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Week 29


          Hey everybody! I can’t believe it is already week 29! TCAPS is coming up and of course nobody is excited for that. We have had to do so many practice tests. It’s not very fun as you would know. Track meet was on Tuesday and I FINALLY got to go! I was the media specialist which means I took the videos of all of the track kids. We made it to first place1 GO RAMS! We also made power points for our French Epals! They sent us a power point of their school, so we sent one of our school. For research this week, we did some of our standards in science. I thought it was really fun, because I love science. I hope you like it to. Today, we saW the Rocky Hill singers preform their songs that they have been working on forever. They were really good! So, that’s mostly what we did this week. Thanks for reading!


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Week 28


Like every week, it flew by so fast! On Saturday, my little sister will be turning 8! She has grown up so fast. Happy Birthday Claire! Today, we had Friday Fun Lunch (like most Fridays). TCAPS is coming up, and you know what that means, TCAP prep. Ya-hoo. :( We also read a of The Westing Game. It is getting really exciting! To get get us sort of pumped about TCAPS, Mr. Haney did trivia with us and we got candy! You would have to get 10 questions in row to get a piece of candy. It was really fun! In Library, we had to write poems, and hen we had to go up to the front of the class and read it out loud. If you knew me really well you would know that It don’t really like to do things like that. It is just sort of nerve wracking to do. Some people liked it and some other people didn’t. I was one of those people. This week, we were in the garden and we found a snake! At first some people thought it was a root, then they saw that it started to move! We have some pictures of it. Also, Dominic had a birthday so we celebrated that on Monday. Happy Late Birthday Dominic! You probably saw my research paper that I posted today , and we had to get it posted before we wrote our blogs. Thanks for reading! Have a happy Friday! :) snake

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My Research Paper on Scientific Tools


Science Tools

By: Mary Kate Holladay


Scientific tools are very important and help us learn more about science. There are many tools that scientists use. There are some tools that are very easy to understand and there are some that are very complex. There  are tools that help you look farther or nearer into some objects. Test tubes or measuring cups are very simple tools.  X-rays and microscopes are more complicated.  All of these tools are very important to science.  The microscope is a very common tool, but a Florence flask and a barometer are not so common to many people.


The microscope is one of the most common tools used used for science. They were sometimes called “flea glasses”  because they used it to study small insects. The smallest thing that was studied with a microscope was 500 nanometers long. Zaharias Jansen and Han Jansen built the first microscope ever!  Robert Hooke found out about cells when he was looking at a honey comb structure of a cork under a microscope.



Do you know what a Florence Flask is? Probably not because not many people know what it is used for and what it actually is.  A Florence Flask is sort of like a measuring cup or a container that holds liquids. Scientists use it for boiling, heating, and distillation. They use them as an item of laboratory. It is made of glassware which means it is very delicate and fragile so if you drop it it will shatter into pieces which is not very good. Its shape is a round body, with a flat bottom, and a single, long, neck. A Barometer is also not a very common tool. A barometer is a weather instrument used to measure the air pressure. You would see most meteorologists using them. The inventor of this machine is a man named Evangelista Torricelli. So know you have learned more a bout a tool that you might have already learned and maybe even learned tools that you didn’t know about.

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